On our first anniversary, my Wife and I stayed at this hotel not too far from the Beach. We all know about Hotel Soaps. You know, the ones that we throw away? We use our own that we bring from home because it's so bad. This hotel was DIFFERENT! They had the most amazing smelling soap I have ever inhaled! I have always loved different kinds of scents but this one was different. Full disclosure, I stole more than a few from the cleaning lady's cart so don't judge me!

After using the soap, I knew I wanted more when I eventually ran out so I found it online and WOW! It was expensive! However, I loved how it hydrated my skin and that it was fully organic. 

Shortly after, I got OBSESSED. I was trying to find ANY soap that was close to it as long as it was natural. While doing that, I smelled a lot of bar soaps. TJ.Maxx was making $3.50 off of me like twice a week. Bar after bar, I found more and more scents that I loved. Then I had a thought. "Why don't I make my own soap?" 

I had no idea where to begin. I looked at Pinterest, YouTube and googled how to make soap and shit, it was daunting to say the least. Then I found melt and pour. My wife got me a small kit with dyes and a couple of scents. It was pretty easy and I made some for the kids etc. Even though I wasn't really making soap, I was able to add any scent I wanted. So I bought essential oils. First a pack of 16, then a few here and there. I still couldn't find the scent I was looking for. Then, just like the soaps, I bought oils. Expensive ones and cheap ones. See, I had no idea what Cassia smelled like, or how Vetiver smelled like. What the heck is Patchouli? 

As the months went by, I was getting really good at blending scents, and thanks to Pinterest, I started making soap the family loved. But it always felt like I was cheating. Melt and pour soap is just melting someone else's soap into a mold and making it smell the way you want.

Lye scared me, and I guess it was the fact that it could explode was pretty much a deal breaker. However, I had to learn how to do it., and I eventually did. 

Then COVID-19 happened. We were stuck at home and grabbing supplies like we were characters on The Walking Dead. I figured I could grow a Corona beard like a lot of men were. Then I found beard oil. Yup you guessed it... I got OBSESSED. UGH!

I had a lot of the stuff already, why not make my own? As long as I make it natural, I knew I would like it. Then I realized that it was SIMPLE! Making my own beard oil was SIMPLE and AWESOME. Then I found Beard Balm, and after that, Mustache Wax. The sky was the limit. 

I gave it to some friends and they loved it too. Yada yada yada... I started Simply Beard-iful. Why not make a little money while doing something I loved? 

So here I am, just an average guy, with a wonderful family and a very beautiful, supportive Wife. I'm passionate about making beards softer, with all natural ingredients, and making people happy. 

Simply Beard-iful right? I think so too. 

True fact: I still havent made the perfect scent. One day I will, and I can't wait to share it. 

     Stay Healthy,

               Matthew Espino - CEO             


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To make wonderful homemade Beard products that are crafted with high quality, all natural, plant based ingredients that are easy on the wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask away! I do not have questions so I can't answer anything. Once I get questions, I will answer them. But I have a few that I have been asked so here you go!

Can I try this at home?

YES! This is no secret. You just have to try. It is all trial and error and it does take a commitment. But if you want to do it, I will help as much as I can. Of course I want you to buy from me, but if you have the desire to make your own, GREAT! I can't hydrate and nourish everyone's Beard right?

Will your services change my life?

Have you ever seen your favorite team hit a home run to win a game? Yeah, it's kind of like that.

Lye seems dangerous.

Well it is, and it isn't. It all depends on how well you prepare and study.